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Kick-Box Fit – Ladies Only (Morning Classes)




Kick-Box Fit Classes

Ladies Only (Day Time Classes)

Our Kick-Box Fit Class is the most efficient fitness class.


Kick-Box Fit burns an average of 500-1000 calories each session and keeps the metabolism up for at least 30 hours after class.


Kickboxing is our specialty! We utilizes balance, flexibility, coordination, leg strength and self-defense ability.


Kick-Box Fit classes constantly vary to prevent a fitness plateau so it never becomes stale.


Read more Benefits of Kick Box Fit Below.

Aids Weight Loss

The intense physical activity involved in this high-energy workout technique certainly leads to weight loss. Those of you who cannot resort to dieting or other milder forms of workout should take up Kick-Box Fit and burn a minimum of 400-500 calories an hour.

Gives you a Healthy Heart

Cardio Kickboxing, as the name suggests is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. The activity involves intensified movement and excessive kicking and boxing that ensures a good heart rate. Blood pressure is regulated through the activity. When undertaken regularly, your heart will become healthier and function in a more efficient manner.

Reduces Stress levels

Needless to say, your life is a stressful affair and one needs to find non-violent ways to relieve the body and mind of the stress. Kick-Box Fit is a brilliant way of getting rid of anger and frustration through a number of kicks involved in the activity. The release of endorphins ensures the happiness of the mind.

Perfect Workout

Kick – Box Fit is a perfect way to provide your entire body with a good workout each day. The activity helps you tone your entire body as it includes kicks, punches with the help of your arms & legs in different ways.

Equips you with Self Defense Techniques

Learning this form of kickboxing equips you with a great way to protect yourself from unexpected dangers that may encounter. The movements that you learn in the activity are extremely helpful in self-defense since it incorporates martial arts.

Indulging in a perfect and fun filled form of workout not only helps you in getting rid of those extra kilos but also guarantees a healthy and happy life.

Here are the times for all our Kick-Box Fit Classes

Day Time (Ladies Only)


Evening (Unisex Classes)

10:30am (Ladies Only)
10:30am (Ladies Only) & 7:30PM (Unisex)


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