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Kyle Williams Entering the Pro Boxing arena


See Kyle winning the ICO World title below if you missed it.

Kyle Williams a senior Black Belt instructor & ICO World Champion under Fran Zuccala will soon be gaining his boxing licence and entering the ring to take on the world of Pro Boxing.
Eclipse is proud and fully behind Kyle in this career decision and will do everything in our power to support and make sure Kyle has everything he needs to succeed.
Before anyone panics Kyle is still 100% committed to Eclipse’s kickboxing program and it’s students and if you know Kyle well will know his passion for all the combat sports boxing being one of them.
After his World title it seemed that know one wanted to challenge for the title and he has been frustrated by the lack of challenges on the Pro circuit so he has decided to try the boxing world to fill the gap.

As Kyles coach I know that he will do his best at what ever he does and again I wish him well and will be behind him all the way, Fran Zuccala


Martine bagri

I am impressed with the way Kyle trains my son. Since joining Eclipse Reuben’s concentration and discipline has improved no end. He is an excellent instructor and Reuben really does look forward to every training session and I think with lots of encouragement and Kyle’s support he will become a really good little kickboxer!

Fran Zuccala

Thanks for the comment Martine , Reuben is a model student 🙂

Dean Perks

Kyle is a top lad and I wish him well. Hope he gets some sessions in with Rich Ghent who I rate very highly as a boxing coach.
Frans made the champion and kickboxings loss is boxings gain.

Fran Zuccala

Thanks Dean

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